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Test IT Show Website

New: Test IT Show internet presence! Interested test riders, event organizers, and manufacturers find all information bundled on one website.

Test IT Show 2011 raving Success

The year 2011 can be completed with a total number of 35 890 test riders.
ExtraEnergy assumes that every registered test rider went for appr. four spins on the Test IT Parcours. This means a total number of about 143,560 test rides on the Test IT Parcours in 2011. This is a great success for the Test IT Show and its partners.

More facts and figures:

>> Summary 2011

Test IT Show online
ExtraEnergy prepared a special Test IT Show calendar with a clear structure of all Test IT Show events. Website visitors can also find event profiles at a single glance.
We will keep you informed.

>> Calendar

The ExtraEnergy Test IT Parcours is known all over the world by consumers, industry players, and event organizers. Pedelecs and e-bikes of all kinds can be tried out for free on these test tracks. ExtraEnergy takes the Test IT Parcours around Europe to fairs and other events. Partner of the European part of the Test IT Show is the GoPedelec! project which is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe Program.

We make it possible!
Event organizers can create their own Test IT Show. ExtraEnergy provides various possibilities:

Information: Information boards on the subject pedelec and bicycle can be added to various exhibitions.

Supporting Program: Use our experience. We create your stage program and offer lectures around the topic e-mobility. Just contact us.

Experience History: ExtraEnergy collected all relevant pedelecs and e-bikes since 1970. These historic vehicles can be exhibited at your event.

Independent Tests: The test results and vehicles of the well known ExtraEnergy pedelec and e-bike tests can be exhibited at your event.

Don`t miss it!

Your call is welcomed by our project manager Mr. Dieter König.

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>> Press Release

Text: Angela Budde
Picture: Michael Burger

18 December 2011

Last update: 18 January 2012




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5th to 10th November 2019, Milan, Italy, EICMA

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