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Market of Pedelecs Today - Part 2 - Kindergarten Phase

State of the global pedelec market and technology - where does it go? Market of pedelecs today - part 2. The individual traffic tool just started. Excerpt of the Ebike Future Conference 2019.

On 26th November 2019, Hannes Neupert, Chairman ExtraEnergy e.V./Executive Director EnergyBus e.V., talked online at the "Ebike Future Conference".  

Topic: State of the global pedelec market and technology - where does it go? 


  • Self introduction
  • Market of pedelecs today
  • Market drivers in the past*
  • Market drivers today*
  • Key technologies for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) which will drive the next 10 years of innovation!
  • Disruptors? Who will become the "Elon of the Pedelecs"?
Watch part 2 of "Market of pedelecs today" in the video: 

>> Market of pedelecs today - part 2 (vimeo) 

The Pedelec - the Individual Traffic Tool just Started
"Electric bicycles are not new! The first vehicles have been running at about 1885. 

The first mass production models, a few hundred at that time, were released in 1932 by Philips/EMI in The Netherlands. 

A revival of electric two-wheelers happened during the oil crisis in the 1970th - but they disappeared quickly after again. 

In the mid 90s, pedelecs have been first sold in quantities higher than 100,000 units in the Japanese domestic market. Thanks to Yamaha, who convinced the government to change the legislation to make, bicycles which before were motorcycles, to become accepted as bicycles. 

In the late 1990s, the Chinese government figured out that electric two-wheelers (legal as bicycles) are the best method to make the air cleaner again in the city-centers.

That´s why electric bicycles in China became dictated by the government and made it quite successful in the market.

Today, the population of electric two-wheelers (legal as bicycles) in China has accumulated to about 300 million units, with annual production of 30 - 35 million units.  

Since 2004 the pedelec started its European success in the Netherlands. 

In Europe, the electric bicycle, especially with the lithium battery, made it in about 2008 to become visible. But still influence stage. 

The pedelec - more to be expected soon!
Key was the electrification of the mountainbike. With the elctric mountainbike, it is sure that it is not for elderly people, not for handicapped or for people who have had a heart attack.

So, it is a cool product and you are happy to show off to friends.  

Since 2012 this trend has proven that it is the perfect fit to bring this segment new applications. 

In 2014, in the beginning of our Offroad Pedelec Test, Marco Hösel, 3 x trial world champion, was afraid to be on the picture with an electric bike.

Later, he was very proud of and had a lot of fun to electric bike riding. 

The trend has the potential to bring the offroad cycling experience to the masses like the ski lift has enabled the masses to enjoy alpine skiing which was which was before a sport for the minority of over average passionated sports people. 

In the commuting and family pedelec application new parking policies as well as sharing technology and health insurance fitness programs will drive the pedelec to an absolute mainstream product. 

The number of pedelecs in operation may be within just 30 years close to equal of the number of inhabitants of the world.

Like the bicycle is today in countries like the Netherlands and Germany. 

Ebike Future Conference
The full video of Hannes Neupert`s speach and all other conference videos are now available at the conference website: 

>> Ebike Future Conference

*only available at

>> Market of Pedelecs today - Part 1

Video recording and lecturing: Hannes Neupert 

Online publication: Angela Budde 

Picture: Video screenshot 

23rd December 2019          

Latest update: 8th January 2020



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