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Wu, Donald


Staff Editor: Please tell us something about your career and profession.
Donald Wu: During my school time at the age of 13 years I have build the fi rst radio receivers for my own and later on build improved ones and sold them to my classmates - that is how I started to get involved in electronics. Beside my studies at the Pin-Tung Technical College of Agriculture I have started at the age of 24 to develop and produce agricultural equipment in a old cowshed. The agricultural machine was so useful and demanded that it has turned fast into a big production and contributed to modern farming in Taiwan - This business was the core business until 1985 when I decided to go into a new direction.

SE: When and how did you get involved in LEVs?
DW: I have started in the 1980s to build electric mobility scooters aimed to be used for elderly people to enhance their mobility. In 1988 Shoprider became world market leader and kept this position until today. In 2004 I have started to develop my own Battery based on Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry and in 2006 I have introduced a light weight electric drive unit for Pedelecs.

SE: What is your personal motivation to work in LEVs?
DW: Help seniors to keep their independent mobility as long as possible and with the battery technology and the Pedelec drive unit to provide some clean mobility devices which will help to save the world for our children.

Contact information:
Pihiang Machinery MFG Co., Ltd
Pihsiang Energy technology Co., LTD
No. 108, Hsin He Road
Hsin Feng Siang, Hsin Chz 304, Taiwan
Tel: 886-3-568-8585
Fax: 886-3-568-6202

Languages: Chinese and English

August 16, 2007



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