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A2B Ørsted

总结:一款与众不同的电动脚踏车,适合喜欢快捷的骑行的人,可能你有一点不清楚,如此快捷骑行下,其续行里程却都能满足你的各种需要。 more...



儿童接送脚踏车在荷兰和丹麦得到广泛应用,人们甚至会经常看见丹麦王子和王 妃用运输电动脚踏车定期载着其接班人从城堡中出来玩耍。在德国的城市中,这 种趋势有时更为明显。 more...


什 么 ,如 何 和 为 什 么 ExtraEnergy运输电动脚踏车2016年测试一览

测试自行车和测试程序。 测试车辆和测试程序。 骑行测试。 对运输电动脚踏车市场的教训及开发潜力。 驱动系统的特别要求。 电机位置和齿轮。 一般操纵和驾驶。 用于运输电动脚踏车的特别部件。 总结。 more...



Hannes Neupert,ExtraEnergy e.V.主席: 作为太阳能交通工具已有34年历史. 形象的改变:从羞涩到酷炫.  物流电动脚踏车和BIKE BILD. 长产品寿命正在出现... more...


Pedelec Award Ceremony in the spotlight

31st August 2016, EUROBIKE, Friedrichshafen, Germany. ExtraEnergy will honour the winners of the pedelec and e-bike test 2016. Including trendshow Cargo & Family Pedelecs. more...


Test rider Thomas Schmidt

Cargo pedelec everyday and tour test rider 2016, Thomas Schmidt, provides free cargo pedelec rental. He wanted to know the latest cargo pedelecs, alongside some of the most experienced cargo bike riders around. Read his profile here. more...


Test rider Eric Poscher

Cargo pedelec everyday and tour test rider Eric Poscher is the author of the book CARGO BIKE BOOM. He wanted to see the latest technical developments and to make a systematic comparison of the various different cargo pedelecs. Read his profile here. more...


Binova flow worldwide

March saw test-rides on the Binova flow at the Taipei Cycle Show 2016, and in April, Binova will send the production version to the ExtraEnergy test circuit. "We are now, in late March, starting to deliver our Binova flow drive systems." more...


Special Cargo Pedelec Test 2016

Electrically assisted cargo bikes are a hot trend in the cycling industry. Both demand and the range of new models on the market are developing rapidly. more...



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack