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Fischer Trekking Proline ETD 1401 Test 2015/16

Summary: Whether it’s for a ride to the supermarket or a major tour – this ladies pedelec will stand by its man. more...


Fischer Proline Trekking ETH 1401 Test 2015/16

Summary: This pedelec with its low price-tag has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of: despite its affordable specification is does the job reliably. more...


M1 Schwabing Belt Drive Test 2015/16

Summary: A trend-setting cracker with unusual frame geometry and the highest power assist values of any bike on test. Clear test winner in the lifestyle pedelec product group. more...


Raleigh Ashford S10 Test 2015/16

Summary: A top-specification pedelec 45 which straddles two worlds. Especially impressive on the Ashford are the integration of the battery and the successful overall frame design. more...


SFM SAXXX Urbano Test 2015/16

Summary: An affordably-priced easy pedelec with a solid mid motor, but we had to deduct marks for ride quality and some details which did not live up to expectations.  more...


Stromer ST1 S Test 2015/16

Summary: A lurid green powerhouse with compact frame design, clever battery integration and agile, sporty handling. more...


Stromer ST2 S Test 2015/16

Summary: Stromer has set a new benchmark with the ST2 S: perfect ride performance, integrated design and top-end specification make this the well-deserved test winner for business pedelecs. more...


Klever Q-POWER Test 2015/16

Summary: A compact all-rounder with many smart features – in the Q-POWER, Klever has delivered a technically refined pedelec with a striking design. more...


Kalkhoff Include Premium 8 Test 2015/16

Summary: A high-endurance all-rounder with a well-balanced drive system and well-matched components. The Include Premium earned itself two “Very Good” verdicts – as an easy pedelec and as a city comfort pedelec. more...


Kalkhoff Integrale 10 Test 2015/16

Summary: Integration is the name of the game for this top model in the hard-fought easy pedelec group. Congratulations! more...


Kettler EXPLORER HDE Test 2015/16

Summary: For when carrying capacity is the decisive factor: this family pedelec group test winner can take the strain, yet it’s still light on its feet. more...


Kettler Traveller E Sport Test 2015/16

Summary: The Traveller E success story continues: following 2013 and 2014, this year it’s taken yet another test win in the city comfort group, and as an easy pedelec the Traveller E is also “Very Good”. more...


Kettler Twin RT Test 2015/16

Summary: With is gentle swan-neck looks and relaxed handling, the Twin RT is especially convincing as an easy pedelec, but it also puts in a good showing in the city comfort group. more...


eflow ER2 Test 2015/16

Summary: A tightly tuned speed machine, the eflow ER2 really rewards its rider only when they contribute enough power themselves – but then it’s quite something! The tidy looks, with that mighty battery pack in the seatpost, are striking. more...


Fischer Proline MTB EM 1614 Test 2015/16

Summary: Sporty looks, a powerful assist system and good specification: this Fischer MTB earned a “Good” in the off-road category. But while it does have limitations for sporting use, it’s a lot of off-road pedelec for the price. more...


Fischer Proline Trekking ETD 1606 Test 2015/16

Summary: Ein auf das Wesentliche reduziertes Pedelec mit viel Licht und ein wenig Schatten. Der günstige Preis kombiniert mit guten Fahrwerten bringt ein „Sehr Gut“ bei den Easy Pedelecs ein. more...


Flyer TX 7.70 Test 2015/16

With its powerful TX, Flyer carried off the touring pedelecs test win with flying colours. The full-suspension frame is a true delight! more...


GIANT DIRT-E+ 0 Test 2015/16

Summary: Powerful assistance and a very harmonious ride quality – this hardtail really captured the hearts of some riders, and richly earned its “Very Good” as an offroad pedelec! more...


Hercules Futura F8 Gates Test 2015/16

Summary: A fine, clean-lined city comfort pedelec which, with its flawless specification, also promises to be highly touring-capable. more...


Hercules ROBERT/A PRO 8R Test 2015/16

Summary: A Bordeaux-red pleasure pedelec with a harmonious appearance. The specification is high quality, but gear shifting would benefit from a pause in power assist. more...


HNF Heisenberg UD1 Test 2015/16

Summary: The UD1 stands out with its clean, straight-lined design, with the battery pleasingly integrated. This easy pedelec also delivers a hugely enjoyable ride. more...


A2B Entz Deluxe Test 2015/16

Summary: A flame red runabout with fully automatic gears. It’s a refreshing splash of colour among the bikes on test, especially with its flowing frame design and the ‘floating’ carrier-mounted battery. more...


Bergamont Contrail C 8.0 Nyon Test 2015/16

Summary: A two-wheeled stunner: the Contrail is our off-road test winner. And there’s no doubt about where it’s heading next: up the nearest steep hill! more...


Carver Cityzen 1050 Test 2015/16

Summary: The Cityzen 1050 is a practical and versatile low step-through bike, visually striking and with great ride quality from a stepless transmission and, for its class, a very powerful motor. more...


Dancelli Fashion e02 Test 2015/16

Summary: With their Fashion e02, Dancelli have created a freshly-styled low step-through bike with a top class specification. Easy mounting and a stable frame underline our verdict: this is a ‘Very Good’ easy pedelec. more...


Pedelec Award Ceremony Tapei Cycle Show 2016

Taipei, Taiwan: Pedelec Award Ceremony on 3 March 2016 at Taipei Cycle Show, Nangang Exhibition Hall, 4F, Exhibits Entrance N more...


Ergonomics test autumn 2015

The focus in the Ergonomics Test is the pedelec in everyday use. They are rated on various tasks at a total of six test stations.


The test pedelecs autumn 2015

In autumn 2015, a total of 26 pedelecs subjected the ExtraEnergy everyday, touring and ergonomics test. Among a total of four off-road pedelecs. Here you will find a list of all pedelecs in the test. more...


Everyday and tour test riders autumn 2015

The ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike riding test autumn 2015 is completed. The test riders. What is their motivation to participate in the ExtraEnergy Test? What are their favorites in the test? more...


Everyday and tour test circuits

The everyday and tour riding tests take place in the small town of Tanna in the Saale-Orla district in Thuringia, Germany. more...


The reference bike

The benchmark or reference bike is a normal bicycle, so not fitted with any extra motor or battery. The pedal power used on this bike is compared with the power applied when pedalling a pedelec at the same average speed. more...


ExtraEnergy Test Autumn 2015

The next ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test will start on 12 October 2015. Registration and vehicle delivery until 9 October 2015. Book now. more...



27th February to 1st March 2020, Essen, Germany, Fahrrad Essen

20th to 22nd March 2020, Praha, Czech Republic, FOR BIKES CZ

18th to 19th April 2020, Berlin, Germany, Velo Berlin

3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show