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ExtraEnergy to explore Spain

In cooperation with Andres Moreno, LEV insider and activist in Spain, ExtraEnergy is moving forward in the Spanish market. For summer 2011 a whole month of promotional activities are planned in Andalucia. Read more about the projects and challenges in a difficult but potentially large market.

ExtraEnergy has contracted consultant and LEV expert Andrés Moreno to help with establishing the electric bike market in Spain. Moreno's main task is to develop the Spanish events of the GoPedelec! electric bike promotion project which is supported by the European Union. The native from Andalucia also functions as a communicator among the Spanish market actors there.

ProPedelec Spain

A project called ProPedelec Spain, which started as a Spanish market study in summer 2009 and was conducted by ExtraEnergy in cooperation with the Spanish online LEV magazine, has attracted the interest of the big media in south Spain. The famous TV channel Canal Sur will broadcast a 10-minute report in its popular program "Technopolis", which is seen by around one million people, on the 27th and 28th of February 2011. Tecnópolis is an information and public service that intends to improve people's knowledge on innovation and sustainable development in Andalusia.

ExtraEnergy Publications in Spanish

The ExtraEnergy July 2010 magazine will be published in Spanish in January. All 2009 results of the ExtraEnergy Spring and Fall Tests are already available for download at at the links below:
April 2010 magazine

July 2009 magazine, which is read by an estimated 25,000 people monthly, would like to introduce its new assistant Victor Cobos. He is a Physics student at the Cologne University and speaks Spanish, German and English fluently, besides being a web developer.

His contact information is:

Please feel free to also contact Andrés Moreno for any inquiries at

Copy: Susanne Brüsch and Andrés Moreno

17 December 2010



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