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New Pedelec Motors out of Europe

Several new bottom bracket motors will be released on the market soon. The first will be seen on a mountain bike of KTM, the second on pedelecs of the Swiss firm Tour de Suisse Rad AG and the third is rumoured to be developed by a big European automobile supplier.

The eSpire of Third Element, with the strong Clean Mobile bottom bracket motor, has won several awards to date. At the BIKE EXPO it walked away with a Brand New Award. Also at the BIKE EXPO, it was announced that eSpire had won the product category Wellness in the ExtraEnergy Spring 2009 Test.

While all this was happening, Clean Mobile quietly exhibited the successor of its award-winning bottom bracket motor somewhere else on the fair - this time fitted to a new mountain bike of KTM. The new motor is smaller than the original, and has a special gearbox. It is fitted to the KTM eGNITION pedelec, which is due for release in the 2011 season.

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>> More about the pedelecs of KTM

The Swiss firm Electragil will introduce a new bottom bracket motor early in August. It has been built into the IMPULS pedelecs of the firm Tour de Suisse Rad AG. Electragil GmbH is a member of EnergyBus e.V. and the plugs in its new motor comply with the new international plug and communication standard of EnergyBus.

>> More about TDS (German only)
>> More about Electragil (German only)

Stuttgart-based electrical goods supplier Bosch recently entered the e-bike and pedelec market with an in-house developed bottom bracket motor. And rumours are circulating that another big European automobile supplier is working on a bottom bracket motor.

A number of new hub motors are currently hoping to establish themselves on the market. At BIKE EXPO the firm Bulls introduced its new hub motor, developed in-house for several applications. The new models of Panther and Gazelle have also been fitted with new generations of in-house developed motors.

Copy and photo: Susanne Brüsch
Translation: Christoffel Volschenk

25 July 2010
Updated on: 29 July 2010



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