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Pro.bici pedelec loans

Best Practice: Pedelecs for academics

The Mobility Management Office at the University of Catania (MOMACT) has loaned out pedelecs since April 2010. The Pro.bici service is aimed at university staff, researchers and professors who can make their way to work by pedelec without needing to use a fleet motor vehicle or their own car. Its objective is to bring sustainable mobility closer to users, and to let them experience for themselves the benefits of pedelecs around town.

In total three pedelecs are available at Pro.bici for lending out, and MOMACT bought these with its own funds. Maintenance is carried out by a nearby cycle dealer. Pedelec loans are free of charge and are possible from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 1 pm. To book a pedelec all that’s needed is a phone call or email, and filling out a simple form.

MOMACT has also promoted Pro.bici actively:

  • In October 2010 an internal informational meeting was held: staff were invited to a small drinks party at which there was a talk about sustainable mobility and where pedelec test rides were offered.

  • In November 2010 MOMACT organized an event as part of the ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) Decade from UNESCO, which in 2010 was dedicated to sustainable mobility. Alongside numerous other activites (conferences, statistics sessions, personal travel plans), MOMACT made its pedelecs available to the public for test rides. The test ride, which over 200 people took part in, led participants out from the historic center of Catania along normal trafficked roads.
The Pro.bici initiative has been used from the start by professors and numerous university staff. Many wanted to use nothing but the pedelecs, and were irritated when all of the pedelecs were out on loan. MOMACT internal statistics show that the number of pedelec bookings has increased in recent months. So an experiment has turned into a real successful pedelec loan service.

  • Work together with institutions and universities in your town

  • Ask dealers whether they are interested in co-operation with institutions or universities

  • Give people the opportunity to try pedelecs in your town and so to spread the word


Translation: Peter Eland, prepared within the EU GoPedelec! project: GoPedelec! Handbook (German version), Go Pedelec! Handbook in Czech, Dutch, English, Hungarian, and Italian

Picture: MOMACT

Online release: Angela Budde

27 September 2012

Updated: 5 November 2012



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