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Pedelec&E-Bike 2001 Global Congress, Taipei Agenda, and presentations on marketing, product development, and legislation topics for download.
Graduation project by Manfred Neudorfer (German)

电动汽车和混合动力车 Online magazine
Electrifying Times Online magazine Online magazine
Green Car Club organized by The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
Product survey of the US market
EV Introduction Program in California
Emission comparison of different kinds of vehicles Market overview by Ralph Wagner (German)
National Electric Drag Racing Association


International Bicycle Fund
bicycle link directory
Collection of bicycle links
ADFC Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club (German Bicycle Association)
Radwelt, ADFC magazine
Bund Deutscher Radfahrer (German Cyclists' Club)
Radclub Deutschland (German Bicycle Club)



Electronic Bike developed by Ecomotion Design, Germany
GTM Microcab
Veggie Van
Solar Icycrider, promotion project in Hanover, Germany
Bicycle Taxi in Vienna, Austria

Regular reports on the topic in:
Bike Europe (English)
Encycleopedia - yearbook on special bicycles (English/German)
aktiv Radfahren, German bicycle consumer magazine

World Solar Cycle Challenge (official site)
World Solar Cycle Challenge Australia 2001
World Solar Cycle Challenge News
World Solar Bicycle Race in Akiata / Ogata, Japan
Solar Bikerayce USA
Racing teams participating in the Solarrayce in the US.

HALF, solar vehicle project at the Highschool for Art and Design, Burg Giebichenstein Halle, Germany
Spirit of Bike Team, Highschool for Engeneering, Biel, Switzerland, 2001. See also this link.
Projekt-Läufer: vehicle for travelling with two people
I-GO, three-wheeled vehicle with curve leaning mechanism, Technical University Berlin, Germany
Active-Bike, first ridable prototype by the Highschool for Technology and Architecture (HTA), Bern, Schwitzerland.

E-Tour, project of the European Union and European partner cities
NewRide promotion program of cities and communities in Switzerland
Riding project in Modena, Itlay, 1998 to 2000
Vel 2 subsidy programme of the Territory of Ticino, Switzerland
"Fit in die Firma" (getting to work well exercised), project of the City of Basel, Switzerland

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) List of all recalls of bicycles and bicycle parts in the US
Japan Bicycle Promotion Institute
Bicycle Research, workshop at the University Oldenburg, Germany (Arbeitsgruppe Fahrradforschung)
EFBe Pruftechnik GmbH, Germany
Velotech, Germany
"Kreuzotter" Speed Measurement Tool


A>>B A filming team presents options to go from A to B around the globe
Battery powered by leftover food
Worldwatch Institute
Visible Earth
Tilting Threewheelers
Changhigh, phantastic unicycle circus
Stuttgart-Solar e.V., German trust for solar energy activities.
"Sonnenseiten", Information on solar energy by Franz Alt (German)



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