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Requests to local politics, tourism authorities and funding bodies

Requests around pedelecs to local politicians, authorities, companies, parents, school governors and teachers, tourism authorities, town planners, industry groups, manufacturers, dealers, standards setters, mobility consultants and energy consultants.

Build cycle infrastructure between regions (cross-country    transport). Specify these cycle ways for heavier loads and wider vehicles such as for example Cargo Pedelecs or child transporters. It should also be possible to overtake without danger. The Bicycle Expressways in the Netherlands set a good example here, see:

>> Highways für Fahrradfahrer - Fahrradschnellwege für Pedelecs

Integrate pedelecs into company mobility management policies. Make pedelecs available to staff members with the aim of replacing as many car journeys as possible with pedelec journeys.

>> Best Practice: The company bike as motivation

Bear in mind the opportunity that the pedelec represents with its ‘hill-busting’ function, especially in hilly areas. Thanks to the pedelec, every region is now good for cycling.

Take bicycles and pedelecs seriously as means of transport, and not as fun and leisure items. Consider that with modern technology such as studded tyres, rainwear and weather protection it is no problem to use bikes or pedelecs all year round. This also means that cycle ways become useless if they are not also kept clear of snow and ice through the winter. It is still unfortunately common practice in many areas for the road clearing service to see cycle ways as snow storage areas onto which snow from car lanes can be dumped.

Make provision for pedelecs in planning rules for cities and municipalities, in the list of requirements for new builds in both residential and industrial accommodation, as well as for shopping centres and business parks. Today a minimum number of car parking places is often required; a suitably specified pedelec parking place should be seen as equivalent to a car parking space in such calculations. If despite this car parking spaces continue to be built by developers, at least the same number of pedelec parking spaces should also be provided.

As politicians, parents, humans: set a good example and take children to kindergarten and school by bicycle or pedelec. Make travel to school by pedelec attractive for those aged 12 and over and so prevent the switchover to mopeds at 15 or 16, at which point pedelecs 45 can instead provide the daily dose of sporting thrill.

Sincerely and seriously engage for all parties involved in safety and quality, and thus for sustainable development of the market.

Standardise data given for range, see also:

>> The ExtraEnergy Tests - There is more than meets the Eye

Standardise minimum warranties and possible exclusion criteria, and stan- dardise definitions of minimum warran- ties for batteries and for vehicle electrical systems.

Copy: Hannes Neupert, prepared within the EU GoPedelec! project: GoPedelec! Handbook (German version)

>> Go Pedelec! Handbook in Czech, Dutch, English, Hungarian, and Italian

Translation: Peter Eland (
Picture: Michael Kutter/Velocity

Online release: Angela Budde

23 January 2013



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