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€ 8 Mio. Research Budget for Pedelecs 45 and E-Bikes

€ 5 - 8 identified for research on Electric two-wheelers and new light vehicle concepts. EU budget to make Europe a more competitive economy.

Horizon 2020 is an EU Research and Innovation programme with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020).

>> What is Horizon 2020?

The First Horizon 2020 Work Program identified € 5 - 8 for research on Electric two-wheelers and new light vehicle concepts. Both for L category vehicles. The budget is at this stage provided on an indicative basis only.

Electric Two-Wheelers and New Light Vehicle Concepts
"The challenge is to develop a new generation of electrified powertrains for L category vehicles (...) and to investigate radically new light vehicle concepts for personal mobility in urban areas", specifies the First Horizon 2020 Work Programme.

So, pedelecs 25 seem to be excluded from the program. But Pedelecs 45 and E-Bikes (L1e) are definitely included.

Expected Impact
Excerpt from First Horizon 2020 Work Programme: "The research will contribute to a significantly reduction of emissions (real driving emissions below Euro 5 level should be demonstrated for hybrids) and noise, congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

The research will also enhance the competitive position of the European industry. Research in this area will also support the implementation of the Clean Power for Transport strategy by developing the next generation of alternatively powered light urban e-vehicles."

Please find the information on the expacted impact here:

>> Electric two-wheelers and new light vehicle concepts (PDF)

Further information at:

Text: Angela Budde
Picture: European Union

30 January 2014

Last update: 6 February 2014




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