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Pedelecs, Press Review 1999/2000

Collection of selected international press articles published March 1999 – October 2000.

Date of publication: 0000
Price: 0,00 €

The collection includes articles taken from the following publications:
• The international speciality magazines, Bike Europe and Japan Cycle Press
• The international bicycle buyer’s guide, Encycleopedia
• English and German bicycle magazines (Bike Culture, Aktiv Radfahren, Radmarkt, Zweiradm Magazin)
• German newspapers (FAZ, Kölnische Rundschau, …)
• The German news magazine Stern and the newspaper Die Zeit
• Various brochures and advertisements.

This article collection clearly demonstrates that electric bicycles are quickly becoming an issue more people are talking about. It also shows that the new term “Pedelec” has established itself in international electric bicycle terminology. “Pedelec” was introduced in February 1999 to differentiate between the pedal-driven electric bikes (pedelecs) and the power-on-demand ones.



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